How snow works through association

by | Nov 18, 2021 | Homework Help

Compose a 250 words essay on Trece a way or ways the snow works through association, metaphor, symbol or other figure in James The Dead. In addition to this, irony comes out when unmarried Aunt Julia sings the ‘arrayed for the bridal’ (Joyce 203). The lyrics of the song also contain these words which are ironical to Aunt Julia. “her only bridegroom is death”. We also come across elucidation of Julia’s identity as a spinster all through the story. For example, Julia’s lack of husband has been the center of the author’s characterization. Misses Morkan’s house is also not left out in irony as the picture of Romeo and Juliet is depicted in their balcony yet there is no marriage.The author has also managed to use symbolism in this story. The song let me die like a soldier fall acts a symbol of mortality while the lyrics are serving as an ironic contrast the meek protagonist Gabriel. The words in the song like brave, manly, chivalry and the refrain are all ironical to the character of Gabriel who is pictured to be very nervous. In addition to this, the author has been able to personify Gabriel using this song (Joyce

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