How the letter appears under the microscope

by | Nov 18, 2021 | Homework Help

1. Describe how the letter e appears under the microscope. Based on what you know about inversion, what do you think the letter e appears like when you are looking at it with the naked eye (i.e. not under the microscope).2. Zoom in to 400x on the onion root tip. You should be able to see square-like shapes with dark areas in the center. Based on what you have learned about cells and cell structure, what are the dark areas in the middle of each square? Define its function.3. Because you are looking at a plant cell, there is possibility you could identify other organelles under the microscope as well. List at least 3 organelles you (in theory) could identify in the plant cell that would not be in the animal cell. Include their functions4. Zoom in to the highest power on the bacterial capsule. How can you tell you are looking at a prokaryote, and not a eukaryote?5. Zoom in to 400X on the human cheek smear. Are you looking at a prokaryotic or eukaryotic cell?

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