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How to Acquire Deep Smart Skills

Complete 6 pages APA formatted article: How to Acquire the Deep Smart Skills. This article is aimed at assisting the reader on how to acquire this basic knowledge to become go-to experts. His article will look at the steps followed by Melissa, a salesperson with goods potentials and would like to become a go-to person of her company. She chose her general manager in the company to be her mind since he is the go-to guy in sales. A rare asset Deep smarts consist of a particular way of thinking and decision-making that leads to their success repeatedly. This rare asset is found in just a few individuals. Deep smarts can be hired right out of school or off the street. These skills are learnt by, consciously thinking the way experts in your institute operate, and learning from them. This means that the learners will see their way of thinking and doing things, copy, and modify the ideas. Deep smarts are always unique and despite the fact that the skills are learnt from others, the learners should be unique in their own ways. Nevertheless, a person cannot rely on mentors and organizations for skills and this necessitates the need to go an extra mile to look for these skills. The right system is obtained from various people who have managed to acquire deep smart skills. Melissa has worked with an international beer company for a period of more than eight years. She started from a small rank and aimed high now she is the sales rep of the company. She has not settled yet and she wants to become the VP of her region. She has been learning from George, her general manager who has also grown from the ranks of sales to his current position. He is now a brilliant decision maker, an exceptional innovator and negotiator as well. He is said to have exceptional abilities to reason both tactically and strategically regarding the business. It should be noted that not everything, which George knows is valuable, and Melissa also has some skills of her own. She wants to add some techniques from George to add to hers and become a deep smart. Fortunately, for her, George is willing to share his deep smarts with her and Melissa is ready to learn from him. She could interview George to get skills that will help her in her venture. She learns by noting down various important points from George in her notebook. She could accompany him as he goes to do various duties and learn how he did. At last, she managed to acquire the skills that she wanted. Conclusion Deep smarts are of great demand since they are a rare asset. Many people in various organizations would like to become the go-to individuals in particular organizations. However, these skills can only be learnt, from those who contain the skills. It takes years of learning and trying to incorporate the borrowed skills and the inborn skills to become the go-to individuals. Work Cited Dorothy Leonard, Gavin Barton, and Michelle Barton, “Make Yourself an Expert”, How to pull knowledge from the smartest people around you.2013, Vol 3 (2013) A dynamic theory of organizational knowledge creation by Nonaka Ikujiro Introduction In this article, Ikujiro aims at processing a paradigm for managing the dynamic features of organization knowhow creating process. Its main premise is that organization knowhow is created via a constant dialogue between tacit and unequivocal knowhow. The nature of&nbsp.this conversation is observed and four interaction patterns involving explicit and tacit know-how are acknowledged.

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