How to eliminate negativity in your life

by | Sep 10, 2021 | Homework Help

Imagine you are a self-help speaker. Write an 800 WORD PERSUASIVE SPEECH on “How to eliminate negativity in your life.”1. Think about a speech that you would like to present on a topic of your choice.2. Complete the following template, including all parts. Fill out all cells using complete sentences, aiming for three complete sentences for each cell of the template (if acceptable)3. In section 4 Reflection write 5 sentences.4. Consider your audience, purpose, and thesis and complete Part 1 of the template.5. Utilize your resources, the internet or a local library to find three credible sources that are relevant to your speech and complete Part 2 of the template.6. Read through your sources to identify five pieces of evidence that support your thesis and complete Part 3 of the template. Be sure to use at least three different types of sources (example, statistic, analogy, definition, visual, story, testimony).7. And then answer all the questions in the attached form.

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