Hpv types

by | Oct 20, 2021 | Homework Help

Write 1 page essay on the topic Hpv types.This study showed that about 84% of the women had the knowledge regarding HPV with the high awareness amongst the participants of ages between 18 and 26 years. The study included the socioeconomic status and race as an associate of HPV and the HPV vaccine. The non Hispanic and the Hispanic African Americans were not aware of the HPV and the vaccine.(De Villiers et al, 2004) reported that the knowledge predictors regarding HPV and the required vaccine had a high perceived risk for the HPV, cervical cancer personal experience, having parents with a history of health care, and having an appointment of a doctor in the previous year in which the doctor gave the HPV vaccine information. A number of studies have reported the link between the parental intention predictors to the daughter vaccines and the rates of uptake for the HPV vaccine (Doorbar & Gallimore, 1987. Florin et al, 2002).Different studies in this field have reported that the cervical cancer proportion both high and low-grade squamons interaepithelial lesions as a result of the various genotypes of HPV (Harwood & Proby, 2002. Haverkos, H., 2004. Persson, Andersson, & Krantz, 1996) . This study reported some gaps in Africa, Central Asia, and Eastern Europe. With an exception of Europe, the other region had eight HPV types. These included HPV 31,33,35,45,52, and 58 which was differed in different regions (Parkin, 2006). From the conducted studies, there are limited studies that have contributed to the topic of the distribution of HPV types and incidence of cervical disease around the world. This review calls for more research on the distribution of HPV types and incidence of cervical disease around the world. This would be vital in determining the potent prophylactic vaccine which can treat higher percentage of cervical cancers irrespective of HPV types.Agorastos,

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