HRA340 MODULE 5; Training Project, Part 3

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Submit a 750 words essay on the topic HRA340 MODULE 5; Training Project, Part 3.The firm can also use social media to offer training since it will save the firm from travelling expenses if all the employees were to travel at the physical premises so as to receive training. (Bacon, 1999).Sales representatives who may be interested in using motorcycles may use interactive multimedia training so as to learn how to ride motorcycles followed by a proficiency test to see how the employee knows how to ride the motorcycleTechnology-based learning enables the trainer to get more of the learner’s involvement compared to any other environment. Besides, the trainees have the advantage of learning at their own pace such as through interactive video, PC and phone-based programs, along with interactive multimedia. These technologies are cost effective to the firm to the firm in the long-run, but costly in the short-run since it quite expensive to install internet infrastructure and purchasing computers.Simulators are described by Noe (2013) as an imitation of real work experiences. The simulators may be used to train the new recruits on how to talk with new customers and convince them to buy in a simulated environment. In addition, the motorcycle-sales representatives could utilise simulators to practise responding to dangerous riding circumstances. However, simulators are very costly for a firm like Binz. Purchasing simulators may cost about $5000.Shifting right into work is regarded as one of the most effective ways of training. The trainees will read manuals to get gain knowledge on various tasks in the sales department. The trainer could also use the internet so that the trainees could post their questions regarding the specific duties that will be answered by the trainer.On-the-job training offers employee the motivation to commence a job. Studies have shown that individuals learn more effectively when they learn hands-on. In this case, the new sales representatives could work with the older employees who would teach them how to carry

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