Human-Animal Relationships

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Hi, need to submit a 1500 words paper on the topic Human-Animal Relationships in The Horses Tale by Mark Twain. Various chapters in the book illustrate different forms and aspects of human-animal interrelationships.The chapter starts by Soldier boy introducing himself as the favorite horse for Buffalo Bill (Cody) and boasts about his pedigree, strength, and speed as a stout horse. Soldier boy is at Fort Paxton just after arriving from a 40-day scouting expedition. Everyone at the fort is awaiting the arrival of the orphaned niece of its commander, Brigadier General Thomas Alison (Mark 10).

A strong bond exists between Buffalo Bull and his horse, Soldier Boy. As the horse narrates he, was Bill’s favorite. While in scouting missions, they rode together for several miles. The horse even acknowledges that Buffalo taught him how to drag wounded soldiers out of the line of fire. The relationship between Soldier Boy and Bill was both companionship and friendship.

The Spanish sister-in-law of the general’s deceased brother, Mercedes, writes to Alison from France. She explains that Catherine’s parents wanted her to go him because he is in bad health and is also about to retire. In the writing, Mercedes explains that Cathy has a good mind and is good-hearted. She also explains that Cathy has a sense of justice and loves animals.

Humans can develop a strong love towards animals. As Mercedes writes, Cathy loves animals to the extent that she refers to them as her worship. She says that Cathy shows little cruelty and oppression towards animals. Showing no form of cruelty and oppression to animals is the best relationship people should have with animals. The author uses Cathy to communicate to his audience of the importance of showing care and kindness towards animals.In chapter three, General Alison informs his mother in San Bernardino, California, of the arrival of Cathy. Cathy has conquered everyone including both the soldiers and Indians with her good heart and winning ways….

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