Human capital contract

by | Nov 17, 2021 | Homework Help

Research paper on analysing argument. Needs to be 6 pages. The article is based upon the argument of proving the benefits of human capital contract as the more suitable and appropriate source of study finance that is beneficial for the students as well as for the entire society and labour market. The author has impressively described the pros and cons of several ways of arranging the higher studies finance and has persuasively concluded that the human capital contracts are the most expedient and equitable way for the students to manage finance for their higher education. The author has included the experience of some students who have availed different options for securing the finance for their higher education. In the light of the experiences of these people the author insists that the most suitable, fair and supportive mode of college finance is human capital contract that needs to be further refines and elaborates to provide students will freedom of choice about their professional careers. He also highlight the disadvantages and problems associated with the other modes of higher education finance and argues that the comparison of all the possibilities unveils that human capital contract is the best options among all the choices and schemes available and implemented for providing the finance for the higher education to the students. The article explains that the choice of getting study finance through the “human capital contract” appears to be helpful resource for finance for the low income students of US, Mexico and Colombia etc. The author compares this option with certain other possibilities of getting finance. He also talks about the income based repayment introduced by US government and criticizes the finance schemes like income based repayment. He argues that in these methods the students are bound to repay the loans once they finish their education. This liability limits their freedom and they have little options in front of them to initiate their careers and rather spending time in the job of their choice, they are compelled to work for the corporations from where they could earn enough to pay their loans. The author argues that human capital contracts have more options and freedoms for the students and that rather than becoming slaves they could make free choice for their working careers. He shares his opinion “with human capital contracts, students would have wider options. They would know that, regardless of their career choices, their payments would not be unmanageable”. The author answers the people concerns and criticism regarding the market based mechanism of financing and their demands for the free college financed by the government. The author explains that it is not realistic approach to expect that the government should get enough from the taxes to build the free college for the students because usually the government fail to collect the desired amount of taxes from the citizens. He stresses upon this opinion by explaining that expecting government to provide education finance will cause heavy tax burden on all the citizens that will eventually added to the problems of the people rather facilitating them.

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