Human geography in action

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Create a 2 pages page paper that discusses human geography in action. Chapter (14) Chapter (14) The natural environment of our planet has been deteriorated by the human activities and interventions since ages. Whether it is caused by polluting our environment or by deforesting the forests in an attempt to make more land available for agriculture or any other way, the planet is now bearing the after effects of these human interventions and this poses a threat for the survival of coming generations. In order to make our planet more facilitating for coming generations, the present generations are needed to take certain actions for its preservation. In my consideration the most important way to preserve our world from environmental destruction and climate change is through the use of technology. It seems quite obvious that this technological development has been a way of causing huge interventions in the natural ecosystems and the same technology can be utilized for making these changes more bearable for all the living beings on the Earth. Technology can render resolutions that will be helpful in adapting or reducing the environmental change. Such technological solutions can be conducted toward the activities of human by causing a specific activity less detrimental like implementing such fishing techniques that do not hurt dolphins and similar other species that are not intended to be the targets. Similarly by introducing such agriculture that does not cause the overgrazing of grasslands the human impact can be minimized on the environment. The use of organic pesticides will also help in addressing the issues and problems caused by the use of synthetic pesticide. Forestry that does not use clear cutting of complete hillsides and allows some of the old growth to remain standing will be helpful in controlling the complete devastation of forests. Implementing such mining techniques that do not cause the leaching of heavy metals into closely located streams of water will be helpful in controlling the issues of water pollution. Utilization of pollution-capturing filters by industries will make them more environmental friendly. Recycling of wastes can also be utilized in every sector in order to minimize the land pollution and the utilization of more-fuel efficient watering showers and vehicles by household will cause less consumption of fuel and thus less generation of Carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Apart from these the human activities can be inclined towards presently occurring environmental change by the use of technology. For example, as climate change turns stern, several nations across the world, companies, individuals and all levels of governments have initiated preparations for the destined consequences of storm surge, sea-level rise, stronger droughts, higher temperatures, more severe storms and higher floods. A report has been issued by the United States after intervals of few years by the name “National Climate Assessment” that provides chapter on the possible consequences of climate change and practices that can be utilized for best adaptation by each fragment of society ranging from transportation to agriculture. For instance, in order to adapt to forbid flooding, higher sea walls and levees can be constructed and similarly to cope with storm water larger culverts and stronger pumps can be utilized to let the storm water pass beneath the railways and roads. Moreover, technological changes can also be made to address the issues of computerization and genetic engineering that have impacted nearly all of the activities of humans (Kuby, Harner, & Gober, 2013). ReferencesKuby, M., Harner, J. & Gober, P. (2013). Human Geography in Action. Wiley.

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