Human intelligence

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Complete 1 page APA formatted article: Wk6 Forum INTL304 HUMINT. HUMAN INTELLIGENCE The article, Report on Hungarian Refugees by Guy E. Coriden depicts that we can obtain human intelligence from photographs, documents, and briefs from foreign nationals and the US citizens who travel abroad or from foreign governments (Coriden 2011, 1). The report involved the collection of intelligence information and material from the Hungarian refugees who settled in US after fleeing from their country following a violent revolution (Coriden 2011, 1). The intelligence community sought to gather the information at a minimum cost while at the same time strictly observing the rules of human conduct. Hungarian refugees were a good intelligence target since they were young and educated.The article notes that processing, resettlement procedures, and the federal governmentÂ’s views on intelligence exploitation defined the methods of collecting information in this case (Coriden 2011, 1). Apparently, some refugees were willing to give intelligence to western powers in exchange of better treatment and to manifest their patriotism. In this context, the intelligence community depicted a high degree of dedication (Coriden 2011, 1). Nevertheless, the intelligence community encountered the challenge of exploiting the Hungarians despite establishing that most Hungarians crossed the border to seek refuge in the Free World (Coriden 2011, 1). The article notes that the ability of the intelligence community to collate and digest loads of information helped in filling major gaps in intelligence information (Coriden 2011, 1).From the article, I learn that intelligence agents or officers must understand the characteristics of human nature that include emotions, intentions and motivations of people. I also learnt that a young and educated population is a good intelligence target. Additionally, the intelligence community should work as a team since human intelligence can help in developing and maintaining foreign and national security. I learnt about the need for effective methods of collecting information. Dedication and professionalism are important aspects in human intelligence. Moreover, the intelligence community should aim gathering the information at a minimum cost and with utmost respect for the rules of human conduct.BibliographyCoriden, Guy. 2011. Report On Hungarian Refugees. Central Intelligence Agency, Aug 03. (accessed February 12, 2015).

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