Human Nutrition-Supersize Me

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Compose a 750 words essay on Human Nutrition-Supersize Me. This is so huge that it is only second to smoking as a leading, preventable cause of death. In 2007-2008 the estimated prevalence for the years 2007 – 2008, in US has been calculated at 33.8% meaning 33 people out of every hundred must lose weight (Flegal et al, 2010).In the movie another interesting concept had been put forward. American children know more about Ronald McDonald than the forefathers of USA which was shown in one of the scenes where Spurlock shows a couple of pictures to 1st grade children in Worcester, MA. This is due to variety of reasons. Strong media advertising campaign by the company which in 2001 amounted to 1.3 billion dollars. If Britney Spears and other celebrities campaigned for something healthy rather than for ‘Pepsi cola’, then parents would have a good chance in talking some sense into their children. Another interesting thing to note in this movie was a notion that children associated themselves with happy memories of the playhouses accompanying most of the McDonald outlets and later on in life whenever they saw the place, those thoughts are recalled and hence a perpetuation of the cycle of dining at the same place over and over again. Food programs have been shown to be deficient in most of the schools with less focus over fresh fruits and vegetables although costing the same. Physical activity needs of the children must be addressed appropriately in schools with more attention brought to the states who have the highest obesity rates like Mississippi.As part of my personal experience I remember visiting a McDonalds outlet in downtown Manhattan with my parents. I was a 1st grader at that time. I had time of my life that day and still the family album contains my photographs with Ronald McDonald and my happy meal toys. Though I remember losing some of the toys to another kid, still, it did not put me off enough to not think of this place when I am an adult. Those warm feelings come back to me

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