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Human Resource Practices and Strategies at IBM

Submit a 2250 words paper on the topic Human Resource Practices and Strategies at IBM. In most cases, societies are constituted of institutions and organizations that replicate the overriding values of their culture. Once cultural behaviors are learned, they give rise to outlooks of belonging and personality. Any interruption in this system might bring about the inception of culture tremor, which brings itself in the form of uneasiness, feelings of lack of identity, and sickness. There has been a misguided belief that a good manager in the United States would be a good manager elsewhere and that efficient American management practices would be ideal elsewhere. However, IBM has realized that organizations and management mirror the social values of the society in which they are created. To achieve enhanced performance, IBM adapted its practices to local cultural conditions since organizations and management mirror the values of the society in which they are formed. This came from the realization that for managerial practices to be effective there is a need to put them in harmony with the local culture. Given the above analysis, IBM has realized that for it to continue posting success, the management has to be committed to the right business practices especially in the area of managing groups within the organization. This has led the company to redefine its mission from business machines to global connection and ensuring interactive human networks. What IBM has learned is that there is a need for organizations working in diverse cultural backgrounds to overcome the differences in cultural traditions, languages, work ethics, as well as the prevailing political systems for them to be able to ensure that projects are done efficiently. Loosely translated, the HR departments at IBM have realized that organizations are like playing in a band and one has to always ensure that spaces are left for other people to fill. If any individual tries to step into the role of their colleague, the band will definitely experience disharmony.

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