Human rights and conomic development

by | Nov 17, 2021 | Homework Help

Create a 5 page essay paper that discusses Human Rights and Economic Development.The present time and age has witnessed human rights falling to its lowest ebb, which has essentially meant that it is indeed one of the most talked about subjects within the domains of the people and the society takes the brunt for the same anomalies (Gosine 2011).Human rights are universal and do not come about just because they are accepted by a culture or a society or completely shunned by it. They remain equal to all men and women present on the face of this world. This is the reason why it is seen in a similar perspective within the first world (developed) nations as it is perceived within the third world (underdeveloped) countries. The need is to understand how human rights, as a composite factor is able to sustain itself and be deemed as the savior for all human beings. However, it is an entirely different matter altogether that human rights are given more significance in the developed nations than the underdeveloped ones. These distinctions essentially outline the shortfall on the part of the human rights undertakings and actions happening on a global basis (Gavrielides 2011). The universal basis of human rights ensures that it is a problem for the entire world and not selected to a certain area or population. Thus the need is to find out how these anomalies can be taken care of and what more could be done to thwart such instances in the coming times.As far as understanding particular issues with human rights in the world, the need is to comprehend where human rights come about or pose as a problem. They are more often witnessed within the underdeveloped countries where people do not have access to proper clothing, quality food and shelter above their heads. This is the aspect that draws attention towards the point that human rights in all its forms and manifestations, remains a much quintessential factor. Men and women are being slaughtered in the name of cultural issues which is apparently a human rights

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