Human Rights Campaign

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GLOBAL 111 FINAL: DESIGN A HUMAN RIGHTS CAMPAIGNLength: 3-5 pages single spaceFORMAT: Single space, Times New Roman, 12 pts, 1 in. margins, justified text, Chicago style for citations (footnotes).The assignment will go through blind grading, so don’t include your name.

This paper must propose a campaign to address a human rights issue, written in academic language, and using academic sources to evidence the arguments made in the paper.

The MINIMUM sources for this assignment are 3 academic sources:

Each Chapter of the Goodhart-edited volume counts as 1 academic source. For example, Glasius counts as one source, and Kuperman counts as a second source. Remember: Unless Goodhart wrote the specific chapter in the Goodhart-edited volume, Goodhart is NOT the author of that chapter. You are welcome to include additional academic sources from other classes, but 3 of your academic sources must come from this class.The GENERAL STRUCTURE of your essay could be as follows:

Introductory Paragraph (3 pts, one per clearly answered bullet)

1. a brief overview of the human rights issue at hand

2. a brief overview of your proposed campaign concerning this human rights issue

3. a CLEAR THESIS STATEMENT, which may be 1-3 sentences long, which sums up the rationale and justification for your approach

Analysis of the Human Rights Issue (5 pts)

1. what is this a case of? How is this type of violation defined?

2. some factual evidence of what has occurred and its impact

3. what types of responses does this issue generally warrant? (IE: Genocide warrants intervention)

4. what literature, texts, and theories address this issue?

5. do texts/theorists/theories overlap, or conflict?

Outline of the Campaign Concerning this Human Rights Issue (4 pts)

1. what is the generic goal of this campaign, and why/how is that the goal?

2. what specific tools and remedies will you use and why?

3. what has been attempted before on this issue, and has it helped? Why or why not?

4. what will be leverage on the human rights violator?

Concluding Paragraph(s) (2 pts)

1. briefly review the campaign

2. briefly predict or reflect on possible outcomes, problems, or interconnections between this campaign and other human rights issues

Citations and sources as indicated in the instructions: 1 pt

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