Human toll or the potential

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Create a thesis and an outline on The Story of the Human Toll or the Potential for Future Atrocities Refugees. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. According to ICRtoP (1), the little-talked-about situation in the DRC reveals that the crisis in the country has been going on for a long time than many would judge. The Coalition reports that over four million lives have been claimed in the conflict that seems to be manifested in a variety of atrocities not common in many other conflict-prone areas. The range of atrocious activities that go on in the DRC has perhaps made the condition to evolve and get to a difficult stage that has given a real headache for authorities there to control over the years. Some of the atrocities include sexual slavery, sexual violence and rape, multiple murders, forceful training of children as soldiers and massive displacements of people which have the state of the humanitarian condition wanting than in many other regions (Tearfund, 1). Several thousands of internally displaced persons (IDPs) with little humanitarian aid have always fallen in the hands of a more brutal treatment by the roaming insurgents in the country. With little international highlights regarding the country, it has come to a dangerous stage where more serious crimes against humanity are being reported from the country. Abductions and sexual violence have evolved to become very dangerous mechanisms for the propagation of the ills perpetrated by the insurgency. Circulation of firearms and illegal mineral business has fueled a challenge to the authorities not only in the country but also in the neighboring regions which can be considered to be safer (Amnesty International, 1). ICRtoP reports the aggravated situation of the crisis which continually applies serious human rights violations as weapons of war, such as rape. The future of the war crisis victims in the DRC remains unclear with the memories of the Rwandan Genocide still fresh in the region. To protect the plight of the people&nbsp.caught up in the crisis will not only protect the region to further political instability but will also assist in evading a humanitarian crisis such as the genocide that occurred in neighboring Rwanda.

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