Humanities modern era

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Write an argumentative essay on Humanities modern era. Needs to be 2 pages… survived through all the ages in the history, yet it has become omnipresent in the present age because of the people’s ease of access to the tools that can be used for violence. This has had immense impact on the moral status of the individuals in the society. Gradually, people have become immune to activities they considered violent in the past like killing and raping. Violence seems to scar the era and to leave its mark on the humanities.Civil disorder has broken out in many countries in the Arabia in the recent years. People have started to revolt against their own leaders. Many a leaders have been killed including Saddam Hussain and Muammar Gaddafi by the people in an attempt to free the lands from the hold of dictators and alter the political and socioeconomic conditions of the countries for the better, but the consequences have been all but favorable even for the mutineers themselves. Millions of people in Iraq and Afghanistan have been killed by the American soldiers since the 9/11 incident. The population of the American soldiers that has been killed by the people in return is also not very insignificant.The popular culture as an essential element of the modern era has also played a cardinal role in the spread of violence. TV, computer and Internet are all technological milestones of the modern era. They have been frequently employed for the spread of violence in the society through sexually explicit videos and violent video games. Young generation has been targeted to develop the violent skills. The violent programs projected in the media are the most convenient and cost effective sources of in-house virtual education and training.Violence has spread to such a level that it has challenged people’s religious beliefs. The war on terror has been commenced solely for the purpose of achieving the very modernity, and has had many potentially negative implications for the Muslims all over the world. “Political Islam is now portrayed as a critique

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