Hunter College Dance Program

by | Nov 6, 2021 | Homework Help

Write an essay on Hunter College Dance Program Student Concert program C. It needs to be at least 1000 words.The role of the audience is to be critical of the dances in order to comprehend the artistic influences in the dance and to encourage and critique the performers to facilitate the development of the performers(Minton, 74).The rationale for the concert is to facilitate an interaction between the performers and the audience. The reason for the choreography was to serve as a guide for aspiring artists on how to handle a real life situation. The concert provides the dancers with a platform to present their creativity to the audience in order to learn how to perfect technique, style and execution (Minton, 48). The audience is watching in order to experience the artistry, which is present among the students at the collage. This offers the audience with an opportunity to comment on the pieces. The audience is also watching for entertainment through the music and choreography, which characterizes the concert.There is a definite relationship between the audience and the performers. This is essential in order to facilitate both parties to experience the different emotions and messages which are evident in a performance. However, in this scenario, the performer is the source of the content the audience will respond to during the choreography (Minton, 74). This means that the choreographer leads the audience through this artistic journey. The audience has to interpret the message in the dance in order to comprehend the artistic message being passed by the choreographers. This was evident in several performances especially in the choreography Not my Chains, Choreographed by Elana Jaroff whereby the choreographer elicited the feel of freedom.Music was an essential element in the performances. This is because it provided the rhythm for the performers to express their artistry. The choreographers used music, which complemented

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