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J. P. is a 76 year old female with hypertension. Despite being on lisinopril 40 mg daily, and hydrochlorothiazide 25 mg daily, her blood pressure has continued to rise. Her blood pressure on the previous shift was checked every two hours because it had been elevated. The blood pressures were: 2400- 196/108; 0200- 214/126. At this time the night nurse called the physician and received an order to give Hydralazine 10 mg IV once. This was given at 0220. Further blood pressures were 0300- 188/94; 0400- 182/90; 0600- 196/102. Her other VS at 0600 are 84, 20, 98.4. She is on a regular diet. Labs this morning are: sodium- 138, potassium- 3.1, chloride- 101, BUN- 17, creatinine- 1.0, Glucose- 124, total cholesterol- 213. There is a saline lock in her right hand which was last flushed at 1600 yesterday.  The nursing assistant just came to tell you that the patient put her light on with complaints of a severe frontal headache. 1. define all the medical diagnosis, and evaluate all data describing it as normal or abnormal and implications of that information.

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