Ice Mountain Water

by | Oct 20, 2021 | Homework Help

Compose a 3250 words essay on Ice Mountain Water. The current paper successfully achieved its objective of presenting a marketing plan to evidently show a more in-depth understanding of marketing, the strategic planning process, and the key elements involved in developing and implementing a marketing plan. From the presented information, it was disclosed that Ice Mountain Water needs to implement the proposed marketing strategies to correct the weaknesses and thwart the risks brought about by the identified threats in the external environment. The tactical actions would ensure that the suggested marketing mix strategies would be undertaken effectively through the provided rationalization and justifications. Likewise, monitoring would ensure that Nestle Waters would determine the progress of the proposed strategies in meeting the identified goals.The current discourse aimed to present a marketing plan for Ice Mountain Water which would enable presenting an assessment of its present condition, as to propose areas of improvements based on the results. As such, one proposed that Ice Mountain Water should address the negative image and EWG rating that has been generated by Ice Mountain Water to achieve the following goals: (1) to increase preferences of consumers to purchase the product and to be included among the top 10 bottled water brands in the United States in 2016 and onwards. and (2) to increase the market share for Ice Mountain Water to at least 5% in 2015. Several marketing strategies according to the marketing mix for two (2) types of target clientele were likewise suggested.

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