Ideal government system

by | Nov 11, 2021 | Homework Help

Write 5 page essay on the topic My Ideal Government System.For example, monarchy system will lessen quarrels of its people since there is only one person ruling such as a king. There will be an ideal government system if people can just forget the disadvantages of each system. My ideal system will be the making of a system that does not have rebellion, conflict, crime, corruption and discrimination. By only then it can be called the ideal government system.An ideal government system ensures that the aspects of discrimination conflicts discrimination rebellion and crime are absent (Behrouzi 10). In discrimination, the people face prejudice due to their gender, race, or sexual orientation. An ideal government looks into these issues, and makes sure that every citizen lives a comfortable life (Behrouzi 12). An ideal government should be a democratic government that respects the ideas of citizens.All citizens regardless of race or gender should be allowed to participate in matters that concern the government. For example, the regime that allows voters to elect leaders without the presence of election anomalies is an ideal regime. Looking into the platforms of Obama and Romney. it is evident that Obama supports gay marriages thus. the government that Obama intended to form does not discriminate the gay community (Behrouzi 15). The platform respects abortion rights. The platform is in line with the Supreme Court ruling that declared abortion as a legal right. In contrast, the Romney platform abhors gay marriages.This is evident as the party platform gives the rights to states plus the federal government to decline same sex marriages. Romney’s platform supports constitutional changes that would refer the aspect of marriage as unification between a man and woman. The aspects found in Romney’s platform cannot lead to an ideal regime (Becker and Michael 23). This is because the platform discriminates gays plus lesbians and fails to respect the decision of a woman concerning abortion. Obama’s

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