Identifying Problems and Offering Solutions

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For instance, if one of the students was making noise in class, Nick would candidly to stop talking in class because that was the rule. This quite irritated his classmates and hence got him on the wrong side of the school bullies. They would spit in his lunch, knock over his books, call him names such as gay and faggot,and this really hurt his pride.

Unfortunately, when Nick’s parents complained to the school authorities about their son’s predicaments, all they got was nothing more than ‘boys will always be boys’ or ‘we’’ve done all we can’.

One unfortunate morning, Nick Perry changed his pajamas and wore his favorite T-shirt and pair of jeans. Having had enough, Nick strapped a belt around his neck and hanged himself from the top of the shelf of his closet. When his father found him, it was too late to save him. Nick’s life had been cut short at his young age.Bullying in schools is a global problem and as Nick’s suicide case shows, it can have dire consequences. This article therefore looks into the causes of bullying in schools, its impact on students, the short and long term effects it has on the bullies and victims before discussing some of the strategies such as revision of school policies as solution to bullying in schools.

Bullying can be defined as aggressive behaviors or actions that are done with the intent of making the victims feel belittled or hurting them. Bullying in schools can further be described as unwanted behaviors among students driven by either perceived or real imbalances of power.

Bullying bears the following characteristics:

Imbalance of power- the students who act as bullies, use the power at their disposal such as physical strength, popularity, seniority, or access to some embarrassing information about their victim, to control others. However, this imbalance of power is subject to change from time to time depending on the situation. It has to be….

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