If university education is such a value to society

by | Nov 17, 2021 | Homework Help

If university education is such a value to society, why isn’t university tuition free?Write a brief but coherent mini-essay, minimum of three paragraphs, to five paragraphs maximum length, using the following argumentative essay structure:Introduction: What’s the issue? Provide a compelling ‘hook’ to get reader attention, such as a question, quotation, anecdote etc. What is your position/opinion on the topic? What do you think? Establish a clear, arguable thesis statement on the topic, in the final sentence.Argument (1-3 paragraphs):  Include 1-3 points to argue your position as laid out in the thesis statement. This is where you outline your sub-arguments. Present each point, then include any evidence—quotation, statistic, date—in support of each point. What does this evidence mean for your argument?Follow this structure in one, two, or three paragraphs. Tip: Save your strongest point for the final paragraph.Conclusion: Rephrase your thesis statement in the first sentence. Synthesize your points from the body of the essay. End with a question, look to the future, or offer a parting thought.

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