Imago Dei Doctrine’s principles

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Write 6 pages with APA style on Imago Dei Doctrine’s Principles. In general terms, the statement implies that a man is made in God’s likeness but is not God himself. a man was created by God to promote his message and spirituality by building close relationships with others and interact with the community to which he belongs.That man was created by God, in the image of God, and God’s likeness is difficult to deny. From the viewpoint of Christian anthropology, man was created by God, meaning that the act of creation, and no other way, became the key to human existence. Ratzinger (1990) is correct when he says that man is the recipient of a valuable gift – the gift of creation – and creation from God is the only way for man to come to existence. Going further, the gift of creation is the result of God’s love toward man and God’s desire to turn nothing into something, and something into the full act of existence (Ratzinger 1990). By receiving the gift of creation, man is automatically obligated to use it for the benefit of the society in which he lives. In other words, God creates a man, anticipating that the gift of creation will reciprocate through the act of man’s giving himself to the society. The forms of such give-and-take may vary, but Christian anthropology keeps to a belief than only through the act of sincere giving oneself to the society and others, can manfully discover himself and his true spiritual identity (Hahn 2002).The gift of creation given by God to man and the fact of man’s likeness with God implies that God, like man, speaks the understandable language, uses understandable ideas, and even looks like a man (or, a man looks like God). In this sense, the basic principles of Christian anthropology accept the anthropomorphic vision of God, although religious adherents often keep to a belief that it is unacceptable to dwell upon God in an inappropriately “human” light (Klein 1992). It should be noted, that the Old Testament ruled against the image of God.

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