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Impact and Meaning of the Gnostic Movement

Compose a 3500 words essay on Impact and Meaning of the Gnostic Movement. This research will begin with the statement that the Gnostic Movement was a Christian religious movement where an extended base of knowledge from the pagan and the scriptural sources formed the path to salvation leading to the divine personality Jesus Christ. This movement identified and stressed on “gnosis” or knowledge as the medium for achieving salvation. Sometimes it has also invested knowledge itself with the stature of salvation. The proponents of the Gnostic movement mainly operated in ancient Alexandria and exerted their influence on the Christian inhabitants of that region during the middle of the second century. The movement was mainly pioneered by Basilides, Valentinus, and Hearcleon living in the city of Alexandria during 130-180 CE. Till the advent of the Gnostic Movement, Christianity was a religion based on the fundamental ways of life as preached by Jesus Christ and Paul. The Gnostic proponents provided many unique insights into the religious faith and Christianity assumed the form of a philosophical religion that could deal with serious moral and intellectual issues. The members of the Gnostic religious movement hailed from different backgrounds. Majority of the Gnostics were Christians while some members were of Jewish origin and some others belonged to the Greco-Roman race. The Mandaean members originated from Iraq and Iran while the Manichaean gnostics hailed from “Europe, the middle east, northern Africa and China”. Besides, the movement included Muslim Gnostics from the Islamic world and the Cathars hailing from Western Europe.The Gnostic MovementThe term “Gnosis” in the Greek language means “knowledge”. In the context of the Gnostic movement, it refers to the knowledge regarding the spiritual world. The knowledge of the direct experience

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