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Impact of the development of tourism

Write a 12 page essay on Critically appraise the impact of the development of tourism, over a period of time, on the visual culture of a destination of your choice.n addition, the range of influence from tourism is broad and always influence areas that are beyond those that are commonly associated with the tourism. Moreover, leaders and residents who do understand the potential influences of tourism could integrate this sector into the community in the positive way (Kreag, 2001).However, not all influences can be applicable to each community due to conditions or resources that might differ. Tourism and community leaders should balance influence that might either improve or negatively affect residents and communities. Leaders should be visionary and sensitive, and should avoid the temptation of glossing over certain challenges tourism development can create. The tourism sector needs to also balance the concerns and opportunities of all community by working against all the conditions where positive influences benefit one section of the community, and negative impacts hurt the other. Conversely, a sensitivity of the community tourism translates to avoiding burdens on the industry that can thwart its success (Lindber & Johnson, 1997). Local leaders need not expect tourism to resolve all community issues. Tourism is just a one element of the community. Creation of the strategic development of tourism services and amenities could enhance the community or correct tourism or local deficiencies, for instance, all the business development, need to assure that its products attract customers. Overbearing restrictions and rules, as well as overburdening taxes, would make tourism businesses to be less competitive or attractive.The destination that would be critically examined is the Cannes in France. The Cannes view port of the famous Boulevard de la Croisette that is situated in the Cannes Middle Ages was a feudal defence of Lerins monastery. However, until early 19th century, Cannes remained very small fishing and agricultural village with the high density of population on the Le Suquet hill. However, during the start of 1830s,

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