Implement continuous improvement

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Complete 6 page APA formatted essay: Implement continuous improvement BSBFLM409B.e.g. We can talk of all the great corporations today, which have grown from very small set-ups and have been facing similar problems of initial hick-ups, but their perseverance has made them world class corporations.2. Identifying areas of conflict and implement processes to streamline the same.e.g. Most of the time conflicts happen when two people are stepping on each other’s feet in terms of the work allocation or work territories. Once a clear demarcation of work is dine it can help reduce conflicts.4. Lying down road map to see the desired change, in terms of customer complaints going down, turnover rate is reduces and conflicts curtailed. These indicators can be gauzed on a monthly basis by recording the number of incidents in each case. That is the no. of customer complaints should go down by each passing month, team members leaving the company should go down etc.(c) What continuous improvement process could help your team become more effective? Specifically, what work needs to be done in order for the processes below to be researched, developed, implemented and reviewed?(c) How will you monitor the activities, progress and performance of your team? Identify three major tools you plan to use or systems you will implement to help you understand how well your staff is managing their tasks.(d) How could each of the following performance measures be useful for you as you monitor the performance of your team? For any that could be particularly useful, provide examples of how they would be helpful.(e) What are two possible ‘moments of truth’ your team is responsible for? Explain the opportunities your team members have to create a positive first impression with potential clients and improve the relationship your organization has with existing customers.(g) How will reporting processes be managed? What supporting tools and mechanisms will you have in place to assist you and your team report on successes, trends, opportunities

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