Implications for social policy

by | Nov 6, 2021 | Homework Help

Argumentative essay on What are the implications for social policy in an age of austerity. Needs to be 8 pages. All these measures, eventually, have an impact on the socio-economic environment. Social policy has been identified as the need to alter the social order by trying to modify the market forces in place, and redistributing some of the resources an economy possesses (Krugman 2012). This paper will examine some of the implications,and how governments are handling the situations in their countries.Governments around the world are looking out for the interests of their nations by implementing some of these measures. However, many economists believe that these strategies and policies might damage the social environment, in the long run. The future of economies, around the world, is at the mercy of these policies and strategies (Kilkey, Ramia & Farnsworth 2012). The austerity policies might be reducing the deficit budgets that these economies have suffered. However, many folks believe that, the scarring effects in the many regions where these cuts occur will be much worse (Pierson 2001). This is the problem with looking at the situation for the short term period the economies are facing (Exadaktylos & Zahariadis 2012).Britain is a perfect example of a nation that is experiencing these policies. Greece is known to owe Germany a tremendous debt, and is also implementing these strategies. These strategies come with a number of implications in the manner and way of life of individuals in these regions (Pierson 2001). One of the ways folks may be affected is through the medical care they receive. The governments in many regions, especially first world countries, offer their citizens universal medical cover. The quality of this insurance cover may reduce, thus. prove a daunting task to acquire the most basic medical attention (Kilkey, Ramia & Farnsworth 2012).In many areas, this may not be a problem. However, in countries where a majority of individuals are living below the poverty line, medical attention

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