Implications of Dan Slobins Statements

by | Oct 28, 2021 | Homework Help

Write a 9 page essay on The Implications of Dan Slobins Statements on Second Language Acquisition.The Implications of Dan Slobin’s Statements on Second Language AcquisitionLanguage is essential in being able to communicate properly and communication is essential to societal life, where a person needs to be able to understand and be understood by other people in order to survive. Thus, the study of language acquisition and development in children is well-covered as many delve into the process in order to help teachers and parents to promote a healthier and more successful language development in children in order for them to be well-equipped to live in the world. And with the diversity of language comes the need not only to fluently speak one language, but to also learn a second, or even a third, language.Immigration and inter-racial marriages are two very common happenings in the 22nd Century. Gone were the days when immigrants were treated like outcasts and racial discrimination was considered normal. Today, anyone can choose to migrate to another country in order to find a better life. Because of the phenomenon of immigration wherein a country is made more diverse and multicultural, it is but inevitable for inter-racial marriages to flourish. Because of these two factors combined and the subsequent success of international and multinational corporations, schools have felt it necessary to equip their students with the knowledge of a foreign language. In fact, “the number of people in the United States who speak more than one language has doubled to almost 50 million during the past 20 years”.

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