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Importance of concrete durability

Write 13 pages thesis on the topic importance of concrete durability. The concrete can therefore be seen as a more environmentally friendly material compared to other roofing materials like metal roofing or asphalt composition shingles. It is possible to recycle old roof tiles and use them in creating new tiles as well as other products. This brings the economic value of concrete when used as a material for making roof tiles. The concrete also has proven durability and structural integrity when used to make concrete roof tiles. This has made most of the best concrete roof tile makers give a fifty-year or short lifetime product warranties for the same. Therefore, the durability of concrete has been responsible for its wide use in making the concrete roof tiles, which have turned out to be very economical to the homeowners.The focus of this paper is on the durability of concrete. The research paper will, therefore, be divided into a number of sections so that it can address the topic clearly. The introductory section will give an overview of what the research paper entails. It will also highlight the aim of the research paper and the problems identified before the selection of the topic. The objectives of the research paper will also be laid down in the introductory section. The next section after the introduction is the literature review section. This section will bear the research studies and findings that are related to the topic of the durability of concrete. Therefore, what other authors have said regarding the topic is going to be outlined in the literature. In order to support the arguments of the research paper, there will be a section containing case studies, examples, and problems. Finally, the cost economy of concrete is going to be highlighted.Durability is a term that is used to describe the ability of a given product to endure. For instance, durable products are those products that have a long usable life.&nbsp.

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