Importance of english for health management students

by | Nov 17, 2021 | Homework Help

Prepare and submit a paper on importance of english for health management students. Why has it become so essential to learn and master English? Why is it an ever-growing concern to improve English speaking and writing skills for students in today’s world? Well, the answer is very clear and lucid.&nbsp. Although other languages have their value, worth and significance based on their local values and culture, English, over the period, has fashioned into a source of communication that rightly links the whole world and amalgamates people from different cultures and religions as they are today&nbsp.(kumar, 2008-09). Due to this English ability, it has become compulsory to learn it, as it is impossible to thrive, grow and relate to people without the help of English. Not only have people who have English as their national language, but also people worldwide have to master this language, whether he is a politician, worker, student or business people.The acceptance of English as an international language has made it compulsory for everyone to polish their English language skills for their advantage. We can get the idea of English’s mass usage by shedding light on the fact that English outnumbers the Chinese language, in terms of sheer numbers of speakers, with approximately 1500 million speakers. Based on these facts and the following reasons, I realized that I must learn English to my advantage.&nbsp.(Exforsys Inc)Firstly, I have planned to travel abroad to complete my education and to enhance their skills. The most critical issue I am afraid I will face. is my inability to communicate with teachers and students. This can lead to a negative impact on my studies and hinder my acceptance in society. Thus, to communicate during class discussions and give one input, it is essential to master a language. Practically, it is impossible to learn the different languages of different countries. So the best and the most effective option is to learn English, as it is accepted as an international language and is used by the teachers and students of all prestigious institutions for communication purposes.&nbsp.(LAMALIPMIM) Lack of understanding and inability to grasp the true meaning of words and sentences can seriously act as a major drawback for me.&nbsp.

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