Important decisions in an organization

by | Oct 6, 2021 | Homework Help

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on reflective on important decisions in an organization. Reflective Essay Reflective Essay The session, since it began, has been majorly on how we can make important decisions in an organization. The session was quite informative, important and educative to me as it helped me improve on my leadership skills. To help me improve on my knowledge, I got to learn how information can be processed using different information systems in an organizations. I also got the chance to learn more about types of decisions as well as decision pitfalls that a manger can be confronted with. The session helped me as a person to realize that I had the abilities to come up with leadership abilities that can be used in making decisions, as well as when the decision is consultative. As a person, I also go to learn that I’m able to work with a team to make decisions better than if I did it on my own. I like consultative decision-making, but usually leads the decision-making process. The work I did during the session, according to my evaluation, was up to standard as in most cases, I felt I gave it my all. I also get enriched and informed at the same time while I was working on this session’s projects. However, there were some areas of weaknesses that I came to realize. Some of these included the fact that, the session should be made more practical. So I needed to assume some position in an organization to help me demonstrate some of the skills I have learnt. To improve on this issue, I would suggest that I should assume real position in an organization to help me implement skills practically. Almost all the topics of this session did not give me any problem. This is to mean, I understood almost all of them. The only topic that I understood, but not fully, was that of decision implementation and evaluation. This topic had various decision application tools, some of which looked more scientific and were difficult to understand. In order to improve on this topic, I would suggest that each student should be provided with various case scenarios and be asked to apply various decision application tools to help them in making decisions. With various case scenarios, this can give me a chance to go through almost all these tools and prepare me to be conversant with them during application.In the future, to help in measuring my progress on what I have learnt in the course, I would suggest that a small test be designed which is more like a continuous assessment test, to test me on the understanding of the concepts. However, to test on practicability of the course, I would suggest that I would be attached to an organization where I can be evaluated on my practical application of the concepts to a real world situation in a real organization. Without any doubt, it is vividly clear to me that I managed to achieve all the intended course outcomes for the session. I was able to learn both the theoretical and applicability of the theories in the real world organizations. With that, I’m contended I can make a good manager who makes appropriate decisions depending on the current organizational situation.

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