In re Union Carbide Gas Plant Disaster

by | Nov 6, 2021 | Homework Help

Submit a one page essay of In re Union Carbide Gas Plant Disaster v. Union Carbide Corp,Case, No.8-4, . Please provide a summary of the disaster and then address the following questions;1) Do you think Union Carbide would have the same definition for corporate social responsibility for the gas explosion disaster in Bhopal, India, as the victims of this injury? Which of the three theories would they use to serve their interests? See chapter 7, one of the assigned reading chapters of this week.2) If Union Carbide uses security/stability (Chap 1 reading) as its ethical norm to mean social responsibility, how would the victims of Bhopal, India, be treated?3) Cigarette companies at one time were marketing cigarettes with knowledge that nicotine in them was addictive but they withheld this information from the public. Did these companies have a duty to warn us? What ethlcal norms and missing information would you as CEO of one of the companies argue in defense?I’m not the best at analyzing information and then putting them into words. I’m needing some guidance here.

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