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Incorporating theory

Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Incorporating Theory.Furthermore, it would minimize risks of associated legal liability. Besides, it would ensure economic valuation of care to the patient, the family and the care facility. In view of this, the Change Theory Fall Model would offer a theoretical framework for the implementation of the proposed change. Despite the fact that there has been conflicting evidence in fall prevention programs strategies in long-term care facilities, there are. however, practical evidence-based programs that can be used in the prevention of patient falls (Simmons, 2012). Nevertheless, in order for these implementation strategies to be effectively employed, there has to be a significant behavioral change at the organizational level. This trickles down from key stakeholders such as the facility administration, the patient, and the patient’s family and health care staff. Herdman, Schubert and Tusa (2011), posit that the Change Theory Fall Model would ensure behavioral changes in the key stakeholders of healthcare delivery that would ultimately result into a reduction in the prevalence and incidence of patient falls. The Change Theory Fall Model is a conceptual framework that was developed by Advanced Practice Nurse as a modification of Kotter and Cohen’s Change Theory (Frieson, Gargis , Frith, & Wagner, 2013). Herdman, Schubert and Tusa (2011), opine that in order for an organization to achieve an effective outcome, synergy is essential through a combination of interventions. In lieu of this, the proposed change is a multivariate of strategies with the aim of reducing the prevalence and incidence of patient falls.The Change Theory Fall Model is a type of Lewin’s Change Management Model. Its major components entail: preparing the facility to accept the changes required, ensuring stakeholders begin to act in a manner showing support to the proposed solution and ensuring the changes are institutionalized and individualized. In retrospect, the proposed change

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