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Increase of the staff effectiveness

Write an article on Increase of the staff effectiveness. It needs to be at least 500 words. Non-training needs are important in order to increase the effectiveness of the staff. The managers have to create a working environment in which the employees feel comfortable at all times. Sometimes people forget the importance of communication in the workplace. It is imperative for managers to provide clear messages and instructions in order to prevent misunderstandings. The ability to communicate well in the workplace is not limited to the managerial staff. The blue collar workers also have to learn to express themselves better. This is a non-training ability that has to be improved by the individual on a personal basis. If a person has weaknesses expressing thoughts the person should look for help. Simple exercises such as standing in front of a group to realize an oral presentation can help a person gain confidence. Non-training needs are important because they can help workers become more involved in their work setting. It is essential to build a corporate culture in which the workers feel comfortable with their dealings at work in alliance with the rest of their colleagues. Due to the importance of teamwork in the workplace non-training needs can help the workforce become more reactive to the changes in their work environment. 2. The three stakeholders involved in the case study are the initiator, the active listener, and the evaluator. In the real world the application of these three roles are sufficient to find solutions to a particular problem. The initiator is the person that establishes cause for a problem. This person will usually have a strong view or perspective about the issue. The active listener is the individual that must have patience and understanding in order to analyze the situation and come up with an alternative solution. The evaluator is the person that makes the final decision about the issue. Managers typically served the role of evaluator in the business world, but the evaluator role can be served by a different person depending on the circumstances. The Fabrics case study illustrates a situation in which a supervisor tries to force a worker to perform certain functions. The supervisor does a poor job of transmitting the message because on each occasion the reaction of the worker was negative. The worker perceives that he is being taking advantage of by the supervisor. The supervisor should have sent the message in a more persuasive way explaining the benefits for the worker for getting involved in these activities. 3. The Fabrics case study help me understand better the issues associated with non-training needs. Three techniques that I learned that could be very useful to resolve issues in the workplace are active listening, conflict resolution, and persuasive speaking. Active listening involves listening to the entire message and analyzing what the person is saying. On many occasions people start to think about what they want to say in a conversation and they forget to listen to what the other person is saying. In group settings or team projects active listening becomes even more important because of the interaction involved when several people get together. The person that needs to apply active listening skills more than others is the team leader. Conflict resolution techniques are a concept that I also learn from the readings. In the business world conflict occurs a lot among different stakeholder groups including employees, vendors, suppliers, and the community among others. In the case study the application of persuasive speaking could have helped resolved some of the situations. When a worker is given instructions the supervisor must be able to explain to the person the importance of the task being given to them. The use of persuasive messages can help motivate others to get the task at hand accomplished.

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