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Option 7: Industrial/Organizational Psychology PresentationWatch the “What Prevents Change in Business?” video available on the student website.In the video, the narrator states, “But a communication program, which should be clear and consistent, should also be addressing those aspects of the staff relationship that you need to have to make organizational change work for you and for your stakeholders.” Prepare a 10-minute Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with speaker notes to improve their effectiveness as communicators of the organizational change process.Address the following in your presentation:Discuss how to use learning theories (behaviorism, social cognitive, information processing and Constructivism) as change agents.Address aspects of employee resistance.Discuss characteristics of  external resistance.Industrial/OrganizationalPsychologyA N D I T S D I S C U SS I O N Uses of learning theoriesknowledge theories which is an imposing body of confirmation on how instruction methods and prospectus…

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