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Industrial Revolution and Artists of Impressionism

Provide a 1 page analysis while answering the following question: Industrial Revolution and the Artists of Impressionism. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Task Effects of the Industrial Revolution on the Artists of Impressionism Introduction In the period of the Industrial Revolution, numerous artistic movements emerged as the response towards the impression of that moment. These changes occur all through the globe leading to shifts in the social arrangement concerning the manner people existed within their homes and workplaces. Industrial revolution resulted to alteration of the new ideas leading to the development of novel forms of art. Consequently, the new art of impressionism emerged and influenced many artists of that period. Impressionism thrived from realism, which was earlier considered another form of art. Industrial revolution generated different effects towards the artists who were concerned with impressionism as an art form. During this period, the artist of impressionism viewed the nature in a direct manner. They presented the effects within their work in a brilliant manner according to the nature itself. Industrial revolution appreciably helped in the promotion of impressionism since it offered advances that assisted these artists in undertaking their duties effectively. In this period, the modern painted tube was developed therefore allowing the artists to travel wide while accomplishing their works around the planet (Hurt 17). Similarly, development of infrastructure substantially allowed the artists to travel wide. Train systems would offer free transport for impressionism artists such as Claude Monet to exhibit their populous works concerning the beauty of their countries and their new developments. The impressionists would also capture unique features of the regions that they visited during exhibitions that were supported by the train companies by offering free travels. The invention of the camera during the Industrial Revolution markedly influenced impressionism since the artists could take pictures for afterward study of the landscapes. This assisted in obtaining the real-life situations that these artists aimed at capturing in their artworks.Work CitedHurt, Perry. Revolution in Paint. 2009. Web. Feb 13, 2012.Available at &lt. http://ncartmuseum.org/pdf/revolution-guide.pdf &gt.

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