Infant observations

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Write an essay on Infant Observations. It needs to be at least 1500 words.s not there when needed and describes them as “bad” and “ good” managing to cope with this conflict with the help of paranoid-schizoid position. Further an infant enters in a stage of depression when he realizes that the object he was dividing is actually the same one and integrates them. This makes a child understand that love and hate have to be directed to the same object. The feeling of hate he was experiencing earlier towards a “bad” part is now converted into guilt towards it with which a child has to cope (Klein, 1959).The child is probably experiencing some sort of depression described by Klein as a final stage of maturation. Though it is reflected mostly in aggressive behavior towards other children and struggling for the carer`s attention. He reveals that he does not possess or define carer`s behavior and aims to attract a lot of attention. The child evidently realizes no attachment to the other and tries to manage with his own feelings (K1)(5)The boy lies down on the bench in front of the carer, smiles and giggles to the carer. Later he sits on the bench with the carer holding behind him. The child moves away to sit on the end of the bench showing independence from the carer.Winnicott in his turn explains children`s development as divided between several periods. During the first stage of dependence an infant lives in the world of omnipotence when all his physiological and psychological needs are responded by a caregiver instantly and he does not feel separated from a caregiver. As fears and frustrations accumulate gradually a child has to learn how to project and reintroject them with the help of a caregiver (Winnicott, 1965). Disillusionment during this stage is alleviated with a help of a transitional object that is perceived as both real and unreal in child`s perception. In most cases a favorite toy serves as such object with the help of which a feeling of self is developed in a child and omnipotence disappears. Independence is

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