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Informatics in Healthcare

Essay on Informatics in Healthcare. Paper must be at least 4000 words. Out of the 225 participants, 20 were interviewed personally whereas another 134 were interacted through questionnaire method. In order to collect information from the remaining 71 health organizations the tool of virtual interview was employed. For different reasons, 11 participants did not cooperate with the study and hence their responses could not be included.Medical informatics, clinical informatics, nursing informatics, pharmacy informatics, and biomedical informatics are some of the major branches that use the scope of informatics in healthcare. Many respondents claimed that the concept of healthcare informatics has benefited them to make use the expertise of health ‘informaticians’ in managing resources, standardizing medical care, and coordinating education and research initiatives. One of the key findings of the study is that healthcare informatics is a potential strategy to address the issue of growing healthcare costs because it avoids inefficient processes that contribute to nearly 50% of unwanted health costs in the United States. In addition, it is identified that health informatics can play a crucial role in eliminating the chances of medical errors and possible lawsuits. The most important knowledge obtained from this research paper is that health records management is the greatest advantage of healthcare informatics. Efficiency of electronic health records greatly depends on the performance of health informatics. Evidently, effective use of electronic health records can aid physicians to gain quick access to the health history of a patient in an emergency situation and respond fast in order to manage that particular situation. The respondents also indicate that healthcare informatics would assist healthcare professionals to keep track of the health trends in a region and to analyze health outcomes for a large population. Physicians may also utilize this system to increase

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