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Information assurance perspective on cloud ERP solution

Create a 20 page essay paper that discusses Information Assurance perspective on cloud ERP solution implementation for Lesley Stowe Fine Foods (LSFF).Implementation of cloud ERP solution is a viable option for the enterprise. however, its implementation needs to meet information assurance objectives. Many variables like risks and values exist within any cloud program or opportunity that influences the perspective of the adopted cloud application be it from a business or risk perspective (Information Systems Audit and Control Association, 2011). Nevertheless, the enterprise needs to weigh the variables in order to decide if cloud ERP is the appropriate solution. Clearly, for LSFF to support future business development, the enterprise needs to enhance its IS and IT infrastructure while ensuring it does not incur huge expenses on expensive software and hardware licenses (Compeau& Scott, 2013). Many of these values and risks that affect information assurance in cloud computing vary and include the form of cloud service model, robustness of the existing enterprise IT operations, the prevailing level of business risk acceptance in the enterprise and the risk from the cloud service provider (Information Systems Audit and Control Association, 2011). Through the cloud ERP solution, LSFF incorporates the value-adding solution to the enterprise by changing its perspective through IA in order to enhance competitive advantage for the business. The paper evaluates the comprehensive concept of IA offered by the cloud ERP solution to ensure that IS serves LSFF’s transactional needs like operational capability and transformational needs like rapid adaptation, innovation and knowledge management.Over the past 10 years, LSFF witnessed phenomenal growth, which in return had implications on the information systems and IT. Although during this period, rainforest Crisps, which was the enterprise’s core product, was available in more than 4,000 outlets across North America, LSFF’s distribution of the product in US was limited. In addition, even though the enterprise in 2010 moved to a large-scale manufacturing location

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