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Information for marketing The EIIB is an investment bank that is Sharia-compliant. Structuring, sourcing and the distribution of investments in MENA Markets are the prime focus areas for this bank. Their investments are across the Middle East and North America (Clare, 2006). This they do by providing hybrid capital investments, finances and equity to a range of clients, whether large or small corporations, entrepreneurial guided or even businesses. By the 31st f December 2011, the bank had financial services, investment management, and banking as its major divisions. Activities in the banking sector include finance provision, receiving of deposits, services related to treasury, structured products, and securities trading. On the other hand, the segment of investment management involves quoted equities, real estate, and private equity. Finally, the financing services include corporate finance, business advisory services as well as brokerage services. The bank delivers services and products to the wholesale, high net worth individuals and institutions across asset classes (Esposito, 2004). The bank’s mission is to be a commitment to excellence in the delivery of Sharia-compliant investment banking products and services. With the international rapid growth of Islamic finance, the EIIB’s categorical business model aims to fill the gap between western financial markets and those belonging to the Islamic world. They are particularly showing their determination in this pursuit because of the confidence they boast due to their unique position to benefit from London as the head financial center globally. In their annual report of 2006, they stated that their capabilities were then in place largely and that in the subsequent year, they would demonstrate their teams’ full capabilities in the structuring and distribution of innovative and more developed products. This bank was formed and incorporated in 2005 January 11th with the key objective of attaining a license as the very first independent FSA authorized Sharia-compliant Islamic Investment Bank in the United Kingdom.

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