Information of the processed data

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Write an article on information as of the processed data that helps a user to make informed decisions Paper must be at least 1500 words. Various developments in the storage and processing of information have also been discussed with emphasis on the positive benefits that they have brought especially in automating information retrieval and modification. This essay is a critical evaluation of information thereby discussing the major aspects and processes that make it real.Information is the processed data that helps a user to make informed decisions in his area of specialization (McNurlin, 2005 p 65). It can be in form of text, figures, or graphics which can be translated to develop a meaningful result. For example, a person dealing with accounting uses programs such as spreadsheets to capture raw data from physical files after which processing is done to achieve the desired results (Haddon, 2004 p 44). Once this has done, the processed data is stored in an information system, which contains databases that support various access methods that simplify its retrieval and modification. Such access methods include macros and queries, which are special buttons that enable the user to retrieve selected information from database objects such as tables and forms.The information has characteristics that define its suitability to serve its purpose. These are well defined by ensuring that the original source of the information, that is the raw data, meets the following characteristics which include and not limited to accuracy, validity, timeliness, reliability, relevance and completeness (McNurlin, 2005 p 50). Accuracy is a characteristic that requires the data to have minimal or no errors at all due to the fact that an organization depends on this data to inform the management and other stakeholders on the appropriate actions to take as well as in making judgments. For example, numeric entries in an electronic spread sheet may be prone to errors especially if the data entry personnel are not keen enough to notice at the early stages before it is processed. Such errors may include transposition errors which involve reversing of one or more digits while recording.

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