Information Technology and Change Management

by | Sep 27, 2021 | Homework Help

Write 5 page essay on the topic Information Technology and Change Management.As the report declares people are habitual creatures, they like designs, patterns and repetition. If there is sudden change in their expected pattern (habit) the brain goes into a puzzled mode and starts figuring it out, which is laborious. IT changes represent a change in the patterns and designs, a different path from what people normally use for their everyday tasks. And the biggest ‘problem’ with IT processes is that they keep on changing. So people need to keep up to date with that data base. According to paper findings John Kotter is a leadership and change management guru. He is a professor at Harvard Business School and is an expert on change management. Before diving into Kotter’s theory about change management theory, it would be wise to separate two types of changes that the corporates face. Change management and change leadership. These two terms are not interchangeable. In this paper, the focus is on change management but here is a brief account of why it’s wise not to mingle it with change leadership. Change leadership deals with driving forces, processes and visions that propel large scale transformations while change management refers to the tools and processes that are used to keep the change under control. The goal here is to diminish the impact of the change. Kotter’s change management theory is governed by certain factors that define the impact of the change. No matter what the type of the organization, a change in management needs to be contained.

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