Innovation in nursing

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Write an article on innovation in nursing ip phase 2 Paper must be at least 500 words. Assessments and Innovations By In the medical field, there are big chances of having changes whether incuring certain ailments or taking care of particular patients. A person working in this discipline is expected to take on the changes with both arms and understand its twists and turns in the fastest possible time. It is not just the adjustment time that is important, it is also the quality of care and appreciation for the process which has been introduced.ASSESSMENTS AND INNOVATIONSThe purpose of this paper is not just to assess a medical personnel’s ability towards innovations but also to generate a creative yet effective and efficient way of caring. Answers for Appendix A are: 1) 7, 2) 6, 3) 7, 4) 8, 5) 6, 6) 7, 8) 6, 9) 7, 10) 8, 11) 7, 12) 7, 13) 8, 14) 8, 15) 7, 16) 8, and 17) 8. After computing for the score, the mean for the exercise is 6.35. It is just a few points above half the scale. There is still room for improvements towards innovation in medical nursing care. The result may not be as impressive as initially expected but theoretical assessment does not literally translate to actual assessment which matters the most (Endsley, 2010).Strong points would be willingness to learn and open-mindedness. One would strongly consider those characteristics in a person who is working in the medical field as one would take in instructions from physicians. A single mistake into executing the instruction may put a patient’s life in jeopardy. Willingness to learn is somewhat associated with the fact that though one is knowledgeable in the field, there would be breakthroughs and changes which are needed to be executed. Learning, especially in the medical field, does not end upon graduation. There would be changes in the way medications would be administered to patients which are very crucial. Learning is not just the important thing at this aspect but also being properly informed. The two goes hand in hand. As for open-mindedness, there would be come a time that a nurse would be getting orders from interns and/or specialists who could be not just younger in age but also younger in exposure to the actual hospital or clinic. At this point, though the idea and concept of respect should always be present at a working environment, it is not always those who are employed longer who would get the final decision. This characteristic is truly crucial in the nursing world. As for weakness, one could point out lack of confidence and occasional stubbornness.Methods of expanding and enhancing innovations should be more inclined towards hand-on learning. It would give nurses the feel of the innovations which would take effect and be eventually the standard procedure. Though the theoretical teaching would still have the opening act in the innovation, hands-on experience is still the best teacher. With the previous statements, organizing and conducting an experience prototype would be one good example to be used in further expansion in nursing innovation. Even if one excels on actual learning, one should also perform beyond par in the theoretical aspect as administration of medicine also needs calculations and vast accuracy. Confidence in executing the theories in actual events should be reflection of the learning process (Reed & Shearer, 2011. Endsley, 2010).Another method that can be considered in the expansion and enhancement in nursing innovation would be understanding dissemination (diffusion) strategies for broad implementation of an idea. Nurse to patient ratio is not 1:1 therefore there would always be difference performing certain administrations and strategies though the end result is one and the same. Confusion may occur when this happen in the work area and may cause misunderstandings and even conflicts. Uniformity should be observed by nursing practitioners therefore strategies should be properly implemented and carried out regardless of what have been previously ordered or practiced. One should not always depend on their strengths. Often than not, a weakness is what makes a person more competent in their field as one would try harder to conquer it and be better than they were before dominating the weakness. It should not be outperforming people, in the nursing field. it is always teamwork that should prevail. A nurse should not compete with other nurses rather he should be competing with himself to be a better professional giving better care and practice which is aimed to polish their craft and not their egos. ReferencesBradshaw, M. J. & Lowenstein, A. J. (2011). Innovative Teaching Strategies in Nursing and Related Health Professions. Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett Publishers.Endsley, D. S. (2010). Innovation in Action: A Practical Guide for Healthcare Teams. West Sussex, UK: John Wiley & Sons Ltd.Reed, P. G. & Crawford Shearer, N. B. (2011). Nursing Knowledge and Theory Innovation: Advancing the Science of Practice. New York, NY: Springer Publishing Company, LLC.

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