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Inspire social change

Remember, you have a choice to do either this assignment or the Manifesto assignment.As we reach the end of the semester, I’d like to ask you to reflect in a more creative way on the works we’ve been reading. I hope that you will enjoy an assignment that allows you to express yourself more personally and/or think in terms of how you can create something persuasive and effective to inspire social change.TOPIC 2: PROPAGANDA!This topic is inspired by Marxist revolutionary agitation, sloganeering and graphic design—a rich tradition. Pick an idea or a quote from Marx that you would like to rally the masses behind. Design one of the following:(A) graphically striking poster that conveys your idea or slogan, accompanied by a 250 word statement that explains the idea or quote, and what action it should inspire in revolutionaries,  protestors or others working for social change.(B) an infographic that illustrates one of Marx’s concerns about capitalism through facts and figures. This requires that you choose a topic and do a bit of research about it, then illustrate it infographic form. The end result should be a full poster with at least 5 different graphic elements that convey information relevant to your topic. For this topic, I’d recommend: Piktochart, although there are other options you may already be familiar with.NOTE: before doing this assignment, you should familiarize yourself with the world of communist propaganda and its various styles–plenty of examples can be found online!

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