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Intelligent design

WritingAssignmentGuidelines AssignmentI: ReflectiononIntelligentDesignonTrial(NOVA,PBS,2007) **Due:Fri,Feb 1,11:59pm ** (OnlyessayssubmittedthroughmyCourseswillbeaccepted.) Objective Write an essay that critically and articulately discusses theNOVA episode, JudgmentDay:IntelligentDesignonTrial (2007).(Evidently, this titlecan no longerbeviewed for freeon theNOVAwebsite;however, thereareseveral decent-qualityversionsofthefullepisodeavailableonYouTube.Here’sone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7HZzGXnYL5I). Present arguments addressing each side ofthe debate investigated by the film (see below for details),making surealso to address broader societal(forexample,ethical, religious,legal,andeducational)impacts. Requirements &Guidelines Thesubmittedessayshouldaddress themaintopicof the filmina focused, well-written,andcarefullyorganizedway. The essay should be at least1.5 single-spaced pages in length (excluding references,if theseareincluded [seebelow]). Like anygood essay, the paper should include an introduction with a clearly-stated thesis; body paragraphs supporting the thesis; and a conclusion that summarizes the principalargumentsmade,andreiteratesthethesis.Forfullcredit: i. Themain positions of opposing sides should be clearlyidentified anddiscussed;*besuretoincludespecificreferencestothefilm.* ii. The scientific merits of opposing arguments should be carefully assessed to the best of your ability, drawing on your knowledge of biology,chemistry,physics,geology,etc.,aswellasonstrategiesand conceptswehavediscussed inclass. iii. Broadersocietalaspects ofthecontroversy—forexample,ethical, legal,or politicalimplications—shouldalsobe discussed. iv. Presentarguments supporting yourownconclusion(s), based on theassessmentdescribedin(ii). Spelling,grammar,clarity,style,andeffectivenessofargumentationwillalso contributetothe overall grade.

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