Intelligent email analysis

by | Nov 17, 2021 | Homework Help

Intelligent Email Analysis. Write a 3000 word paper answering; This was necessary for all the disciplines involving organizations and other institutions in the decision making process at the most appropriate appointed point for decision making. For information to be reliable, for it to pass the test of time, all these were necessary as for any organization to be able to make the most accurate decisions it had to have the right information at its disposal. The intervention of the internet through the wide revolutions in the system these individuals changed the whole face of eternity. they changed mankind by providing the most decisive tool. This tool was so necessary that because of it the world could be transformed into a global village. Problem statement The overall problem under siege, befalling the need for the analysis through the essay, is the fact that we need to analyze and discuss on an in-depth analysis the various issues revolving around the subject of Computer science and Information technology, with more emphasize to the topic of the Intelligent E-mail Analysis. The E-mail or rather the Electronic main is a utility that offers and provides the services of sending e-mails through the net. Confidentiality of data while sending them through the net is emphasized, reliability and relevance of the data the timeliness and accuracy of the data is the most advantageous characteristics presented by the net. Before embarking on an analysis of the Intelligent E-mail analysis, it’s crucial to consider the main tool which the Email service uses, the “Internet” A brief History of the internet The internet refers to the interconnection between networks. The internet is a network of networks. A network is the connectivity between the various computers at all the receiving ends. This is effective and efficient enough to facilitate communication between the node computers and the server computer at the receiving end. The intervention of the refined form of internet connectivity during the year of 1972 where one Sir Kahn did a demonstration of a large magnitude of the ARPANET. This was during a conference held that was called the ICCC also International Computer Communication Conference. (Finlayson, Ross S, 79) During this very same year 1972, researchers and inventors in the internet came up with what was then referred to as the “Hot” utility that was in the form of an application utility. This utility among others outlined as the E-mail or rather electronic mail services were brought to life. In the month of July, Roberts gave more innovation and further expanded the initial utility by making the exact first initiative of sending the first E-mail (Electronic Mail). After the intervention and discovery of the E-mail utility, the next discovery was the WWB also known as the World Wide Web. This was initially meant to bring life to the overall concept of the internet which was to bring the whole world into one global village, to transform the whole world make ease the passage and effectiveness of the communication process.

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