Inter-Personal Communication Concepts

by | Oct 28, 2021 | Homework Help

Complete 7 pages APA formatted article: Inter-Personal Communication Concepts. The respondents’ names were Calvin, Samantha, and Arthur.This pertains to the notions that people hold about their qualities, and how they assess these attributes and characteristics. As I interviewed Calvin, I realized that he was correct about his public self-concept. I always perceived him to be an intelligent person and withdrawn from other people. I asked him to describe how he thought other people viewed him and he was quick to reply that many people thought he was distant. He also mentioned that people thought that he was not good at sports because he chose not to engage in any. This was also true since I had always thought that he only engaged in studying. I asked him what his real qualities were and I was surprised to realize that he actually loved sports and he was a big fan of American Football. He also played foosball and chess, and he was quite social when relating to his friends and family. I had always perceived him to be withdrawn for I rarely witnessed him socializing with others. I realized that I had the wrong perception of him. When I asked Calvin how he thought people would have wanted him to behave, he suggested that maybe people would have liked him if he was popular in school(Anderson 29).My second respondent on the issue of self-concept was Samantha. She was vibrant about the whole interview and I usually perceived her to be attractive and caring to other people. When I asked her how she thought people perceived her, she was right to say that people found her helpful and full of energy. This was actually true since many people preferred to join her team when tasked with a group assignment. This was due to the fact that she brought positive energy into the group. therefore, tasks were easily completed. She was also very helpful and always smiled at people, thus spreading warmth in every place she went. I then asked her what her true attributes were and she mentioned that she felt vulnerable because she was always kind to people to an extent that they took her for granted. In all the happiness she felt sad because she was unable to correctly judge other people’s intentions, therefore, leaving her vulnerable.

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