Internal Analysis and SWOT

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Strategic Management: Internal Analysis and SWOT MGT 499 CASE 3. The essay is to be 3 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.Also it is aimed at understanding the weakness of the company and the strategies used by the company to minimise the weaknesses. The following section discusses the company’s strengths and how the company has utilised these strengths to improve its business.The Pepsi brand name has been well known throughout the world for a long time.The brand stands on the 22nd position in the top 100 global brands ranking of Business Week and Intrabrand – a branding consultancy. The brand was valued at almost $12,690 million in 2006 by the Business Week and Intrabrand. The company has a wide brand portfolio, which caters to different sections of the society. Pepsi has used the strong brand image to increases the customer recall which results in repeat purchase and a steady revenue.Pepsi has also always been very innovative and have always ensured to pay a lot of emphasis on product development. The company has kept in track with the market needs for healthier and low carbohydrate foods and beverages. The company has access to the recent technologies, and has utilised this to ensure the development of new products to meet the needs of the changing customer requirements. Also the company has positively utilised this to create an edge for themselves over the competitors.Pepsi has a few weaknesses which have affected its standing in the markets however the company has ensured to use these weaknesses and change them into the strengths of for the company. One of the major weaknesses of Pepsi is the fact that 77.8% of the total revenue earned is from US and Canada. Having concentrated its business in these countries like US, Canada, Mexico and Europe, the company has opened up newer possibilities of issues for themselves. The concentration exposes the company to the issues specific to each country like labour strikes, economic conditions, and increase in

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