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International development organizations

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on international development organizations. International Development Organizations al Affiliation: Word vision international is one of the most active non-governmental organizations in the world. The organization was founded by Robert Pierce in 1950 with the aim of providing vulnerable people with humanitarian aid and initiating developmental projects. Currently, the organization is active in more than ninety countries across the world. Initially, it was operating as World Vision Inc in United States only. However, later the organization expanded its operations in other parts of the world (Russell & Cohn, 2012). Currently, it has its headquarters are located in Monrovia, California. In 1970s, the organization was training families on how to indulge themselves in farming in order to get an extra income to sustain their basic needs. The organization started by installing water pumps in order to distribute clean water to communities which were highly affected by morality rates (Russell & Cohn, 2012). It then recruited volunteers who taught the community how to use the water to irrigate in order to become self-reliant. In 1990s, the organization shifted its attention towards the needs of children and other vulnerable groups in the society. This is after realizing that many governments were struggling with offering these groups[s with the necessary platforms in order to unleash their potential. By 2014, the organization was the 11th largest non-governmental organization in the United States (Russell & Cohn, 2012). World Vision International receives funding from corporations and private donors (Cagney & Ross, 2013). Approximately 19% of the organization’s budget is obtained from public grants. However, corruption is one of the major challenges that have been facing this organization. For instance, in 2007, World Vision International identified that a lot of funds that was to be directed towards education, health care, and economic development was being embezzled by various officials. In addition, the organization’s officials in various positions were diverting food deliveries and other important building materials for their own personal gains.Through its financial aid especially in developing countries, World Vision International has been able to improve the lives of the people. This is through initiating projects that are self sustainable (Kilby, 2006). Through the projects, the organization has been able to create employment, an aspect that has played a significant role in alleviating poverty in the society. World Vision International has been able to build a sustainable economy in different parts of the world through investing heavily on infrastructure such as schools and hospitals in remote areas that were initially marginalized by various regimes (Ronalds, 2010). Through these initiatives, the organization has been able to improve the lives of the local community through offering them with quality education and health care. Currently, I feel that World Vision International is closing the gap that has been left by various governments across the world especially on issues related to equitable distribution of resources. Therefore, I can attest with absolute certainty that the organization is playing a significant role in meeting the needs of its targeted population which composes of the poor and vulnerable people in the society. The main role of non-governmental organizations is to facilitate communication through initiating projects that will enable people to integrate with the rest of the world. With the increasing levels of globalization resulting from liberalization of markets and integration of economies, communication has become an integral part towards the success of the people across the world (Ronalds, 2010). Therefore, through important projects such as roads and building of schools, the organization has created an opportunity for the target population to interact with the rest of the world. ReferencesCagney, P., & Ross, B. (2013). Global fundraising: How the world is changing the rules of philanthropy. Hoboken: Wiley. Kilby, P. (2006). Accountability for Empowerment: Dilemmas Facing Non-Governmental Organizations. World Development, 34(6), 951-963. Ronalds, P. (2010). The change imperative: Creating the next generation NGO. Sterling, VA: Kumarian Press. Russell, J., & Cohn, R. (2012). World Vision International. London: Book on Deman.

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