International student as an outsider

by | Jul 27, 2021 | Homework Help

Need an argumentative essay on International student as an outsider. Needs to be 6 pages. The intricacies entail living in a state of confusion since the international students are not aware of the actions to take or their identities. This is worsened when the international find that their proficiency in the English language is better compared to their mother tongues.

Aidah is aware of how it feels to seek to honor and respect customs and traditions, while to the same time being considered and branded westernized by the family. Human beings, as you would expect, seek to achieve wholeness and this is extremely challenging when an individual is identified with two cultures that are completely different.

Aidah is forced to balance and straddle her being part of more than one culture, and she empathizes with other international students around her how are in the country on foreign visas as the attempt to fit in the learning institutions. In some way, international student visas, demonstrate to the local students, particularly the ones who have to balance between different cultures the same way Aidah does, ways of navigating and succeeding as an outsider, while at the same time being divided.

In Aidah’s case, the positives of her double identity are a progressive aspect as she is able to communicate in her native language as well as English fluently. Aidah is able to dress in both the western attire and the traditional dressing worn by her community with ease and comfort and this is the reason, regardless of the confusion created by sharing cultures, she had remained appreciative of having two cultures.

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